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Sheet Metal

Without even realising it, sheet metal has become a material that we encounter every day in various applications. From the body of our car and wheel rims, to a key component of devices such as washing machines, toasters and computers. Even the cans in our kitchen cupboards are produced from sheet metal. With such useful properties, from its pliability to its strength, it’s no surprise that metal sheeting is used so widely for different industries.

Sheet metal is categorised as metal that has been formed into a sheet that is thinner than bar stock, but thicker than foil, and any metal alloy that can be stretch into a sheet can be turned into sheet metal. Sheet metal thicknesses can vary from less than 3mm, which are usually manufactured in strips, to sheet plates of between 3 and 8mm thick, and finally up to 300mm in thickness.

Sheet metal fabrication can also take different forms in terms of shape as well, including embossed, perforated, plane, etched, ribbed or corrugated. Sheet metal can be used for a number of applications for businesses, industrial sectors and in the home, from anti-slip surfaces to cladding on buildings.


Materials We Supply

We provide a choice of aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, brass and copper in sheet form, all of which can be cut to a specific size or shape. Thinner sheets can also be bent to specific angles if needed, so you can customise this in your order if your project requires it. Whatever the project, we can help you find the right choice of metal to suit your needs.


Uses of Sheet Metal

Sheet metal, particularly mild steel sheet metal, is commonly used for automobile bodies or electrical machines which require a higher magnetic permeability. Mild steel sheets are also extensively used in the manufacturing of white goods, construction products and general metal fabrication, as it’s cheaper than stainless steel.

Aluminium sheet metal is popular for a wide range of possible applications, due to its flexibility and affordability. This particular metal can be used for everything from jewellery and fan blades to electronic chassis and mailboxes. Stainless steel sheet metal also has a number of potential uses, including roofing for architecture and even medical tables. Sheet metal can also be used to make flashing for roofs and for rain gutters, as well as for duct work and furnaces inside buildings.