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Online UK Metal Cutting

Cut My Metal is a UK-based metal supplier and cutting service, offering a choice of metals, sizes and forms to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a high-quality metal fabrication service, we have an experienced team available to get you the products you need as quickly as possible. Our dedicated team take pride in delivering a great service and high-quality products to every customer.

Whether you require one length cutting down to size or have custom measurements you need making for a specific project, we’ll be happy to help you with your metal cutting needs. We offer cut to size metal sheeting, as well as cut to length metal bars, tubes, channels, rods, box sections and RSJ beams.


We stock a variety of different metals to choose from, including aluminium, mild steel (also known as carbon steel or plain steel), stainless steel, brass and bronze. Whether you’re working on a construction project, fixing a mechanical fault in your car or installing a stylish splashback to improve the look of your home, we have the materials available for the task at hand.


From bars to tubes and rods, we provide a range of products to suit your project, virtually all of which can be cut to the size or length you require. We can also provide stainless steel mesh for those garden projects and industrial fencing needs for your business. Sheet metal, which is formed using an industrial process to compact the metal into various thicknesses, is often used in metal working as it is relatively pliable and can be bent into different shapes and angles. Metal sheeting can be used for numerous purposes, from car bodies and aeroplane skins to decorations, jewellery and cookware.

We can also cut metals for use as splashbacks in your kitchen, bathroom or utility room for an effective, affordable and easy to maintain solution to kitchen spills or water damage. Metal splashbacks are easy to maintain and simple to install, while still adding a decorative touch to your home. We can cut down metals with extreme accuracy to practically any size or shape you may need.